Find a Buyer for your Luxury Watch

Feb 21, 2023

Luxury Watch Buyers | Sell My Watch

The term luxury is used in many ways. Still, a luxury watch typically uses high-quality materials powered by complex movements and is at least partially hand-made. While most luxury watches are expensive, that is not the only qualification for them to fall under this category. Luxury watches are often hand-crafted with precision and performance in mind, setting them apart from many other watch manufactures. In most cases, luxury is associated with the brand and while Rolex often comes to mind, the big three watchmakers are Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin.

Selling Luxury Watches

Today there are several ways to sell a luxury watch; some options are more popular than others. While pawn shops used to be the most common way to sell your watches and other items, there is a growing industry of watch buyers and online buyers to choose from. It is essential to sell your watch to someone you trust, who will give you an honest appraisal and fair price. With so many options, it can take time to find the right place to sell your items. 

How To Find a Luxury Watch Buyer

When looking for a watch buyer, try to pay attention to their appraisers, history, and customer satisfaction. How long has this business been running? Do they have competitive prices? Are they staffed with knowledgeable appraisers, and do they offer a pressure-free process? You want a buyer who is an expert at what they do, so you can get the price you deserve. 

Before selling, it is essential to ask yourself how much your watch is worth. While there is no standard formula or price guide to pull from, a reputable watch buyer will consider several things. At Precious Elements, we consider the brand, condition, precious metals, gemstones, and paperwork when offering you a risk-free appraisal. We will look at the band for scratches or marring, check if the watch runs, and use your paperwork to create a custom cash price. 

Beyond the watch itself, we will also consider precious metals and gemstones. For example, gold, silver, and platinum will be worth more than stainless steel. Of course, the presence of diamonds or other gemstones can also affect the price, so many factors go into your cash offer. 

We also consider the completeness of your watch when purchasing. Does it have the original box and paperwork? While this is not a requirement, it does impact getting a higher price for your timepiece. 

Sell My Luxury Watch Fast

Selling your luxury watch fast is easy with Precious Elements. We offer a risk-free process that will give you a fair cash price and is accessible online or in person. In addition, our experts are highly experienced in appraising timepieces. With this experience, we are also well-versed in assessing the added elements of your watch, like gemstones and precious metals. 

As a family-owned business, we can offer competitive prices since we refurbish and sell items in-house. That means you don't have to worry about middleman fees that lower your cash offer. We also offer a no-risk valuation so you can see what your timepiece is worth and decide if you want to sell. If you want to sell your luxury watch, diamonds, luxury jewelry, or other valuables fast, contact our team or stop by today to get the process started.