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About Us

Selling coins, bullion, bars, and jewelry has never been easier than it is today, but it’s also never more confusing. How do you know you are getting top dollar for your gold, silver, or platinum? How do you know you aren’t being lied to or taken advantage of? How do you know who to trust? Fortunately, Precious Elements exists to give sellers confidence and peace of mind.

About PEJC

Precious Elements Jewelry & Coin

At Precious Elements, we have years of training, experience, and expertise that allows us to provide accurate and honest assessments, so you know exactly what you have and how much it is worth. We leverage our knowledge and expertise to educate our customers so they can trust they are getting the best deal.

Selling to a less knowledgeable buyer exposes you to the risk of getting less than you deserve, even if just because the person evaluating your item doesn’t truly know what it is or what it’s really worth. At Precious Elements, we appraise diamonds, coins, and jewelry, coins, and jewelry because we have been in the business a long time, have learned from some of the best in the industry, and have committed ourselves to learning as much as we can so we can educate our customers about what they have and what it’s worth.



Precious Elements is a family-owned business. We have built our business around important principles of honesty, customer education, and ensuring our customers are satisfied. We are a no hassle, no obligation company. Having worked in customer service and interacting with many different people on a day-to-day basis, our staff works hard in providing the best class service in our industry. We take our time to provide valuations and answer as many questions as it takes until you feel comfortable moving forward. Speaking of questions, if you have any, one call or click is all it takes to speak to the owners directly.


Rated, Reviewed, and Trusted

We are proud of our five-star rating on Google and for all the glowing reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. These ratings and reviews demonstrate why Precious Elements is trusted by countless sellers every year, and why you can be confident that your search for a gold, silver, platinum, or diamond buyer is over. We invite you to read our reviews on Google and browse through the dozens of testimonials about the experience of selling to Precious Elements.