Diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold onto them for a lifetime. If you are looking to sell diamonds, sell diamond jewelry, sell diamond rings, or sell loose diamonds to diamond buyers, Precious Elements is here to offer you the cash you need fast. We guarantee optimum prices for all sizes, quantities, cuts, and colors.

Contact us today to begin your free, no-obligation valuation and find out how much you can get when you sell diamonds to us. Once we evaluate and confirm the quality of your ring, jewelry, or loose diamonds, our expert appraisers and diamond jewelry buyers will pay you the same day via your preferred payment method. No games, no gimmicks, no delays—just top dollar when you sell diamonds, fast.

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What We Buy

Regardless of the specifics of your diamonds, we will purchase them at a price that is fair and accurate based on its conditions and features. From diamond rings, or any other piece of diamond jewelry, to loose diamonds, Precious Elements buys any type, so you can simply sell diamonds and make cash, fast.

  • Diamond engagement rings and sets
  • Diamond earrings
  • Diamond bracelets
  • Diamond necklaces
  • Diamond pendants
  • Diamond cocktail rings
  • Loose lab grown and natural diamonds
  • And more!

How Much are Your Diamonds Worth?

Diamonds are valuable, but the exact worth depends on a number of different factors, more than the current market value. Each is unique, and has its own specific qualities that establish the diamond price when you sell diamonds for cash. There are even more factors that establish value when you sell diamond rings or any other piece of jewelry.

At Precious Elements, our team of experienced buyers are well trained on how to properly appraise any piece of diamond jewelry or other item you have to sell. Our valuation and appraisal process allows us to analyze your item and ensure that it is authentic, along with identifying the particular features that impact the final value and diamond price we will offer.

The main characteristics we look at to determine the value are: carat, color, clarity, and cut (also known as the “4Cs” in the diamond industry).

Carat is the measure of how much it weighs, one carat equals .2 grams, sell diamond ring Chandler Phoenix Gilbert Scottsdale Arizona Mesa Glendale Maricopa Tucson Casa Grande Payson Prescott Flagstaff Cave Creek or Sun City AZ, we service the entire country because you can get your offer over the phone by just sending us a picture of your item and we will send you a high payout for your valuables

Carat - The Weight

Whereas "karat" is used to measure the purity of a precious metal such as gold or silver, "carat" is a measurement of how much a diamond weighs. One carat equals 0.200 grams, or 200 milligrams, and is subdivided into 100 "points" (you may hear some buyers or sellers refer to weight by points instead of carats). So, a 1.00 carat diamond/100-point diamond weighs 200 milligrams, a 2.00 carat/200-point diamond weighs 400 milligrams, and so forth.

Diamond carat weights are measured using highly accurate and calibrated digital scales. Because larger stones are more valuable and rarer, higher carat weight usually means a higher price. However, two stones of equal carat weight can have different market prices depending on other factors.


aesthetic appearance is an important factor for valuation, color has one of the biggest impacts on appearance, the color greatly impacts the payout you can receive for your item and it is something we take into consideration with your offer | Chandler Phoenix Gilbert Scottsdale Mesa Glendale Maricopa Payson Prescott Flagstaff Sun City Cave Creek Casa Grande Tucson AZ

Aesthetic appearance is an important consideration for valuation. One factor that impacts the appearance is its color. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, but in white (the most commonly bought and sold) quality is determined by the lack of color.

The purest and most structurally perfect diamonds have no discernible hue, like a drop of pure water. The color-grading scale ranges from D (colorless) through Z (light color). Fancy colored ones, such as pink, blue, and yellow, are graded on a separate color scale.

Among white diamonds, there are five groupings:

  • Colorless – Diamonds color-graded between D and F are considered colorless, although very subtle differences in color between D, E, and F can be detected by expert gemologists.
  • Near Colorless – G, H, I, and J color-graded ones are considered near colorless. Within this group, there is an estimated 10-20% difference in value between each grade.
  • Faint Color – Faint color diamonds (K, L, and M) usually have a more easily detectable coloration, usually a yellowish tint that is visible to the naked eye. Because of their perceptible color tint, K-M ones may be up to half as valuable as a G.
  • Very Light Color – Diamonds with a more easily seen yellow or brown tint (N, M, O, P, Q, R) are less expensive, and therefore usually less valuable, than higher color-graded diamonds.
  • Light Color – S-Z diamonds are the most “colorful” of the white diamonds and are typically light yellow or brown.

Compared to white diamonds, fancy colored diamonds with medium to dark tones and moderate saturations are extremely rare. No matter what color diamond you are selling, subtle color distinctions (some even invisible to the untrained eye) can make a big difference in diamond quality and price. Precious Elements knows how to provide an accurate appraisal that considers the impact even very slight color differences can have on the value of your diamond. Be aware, fluorescence can affect a diamond’s value in ways you may not realize.

Clarity - Blemishes and Inclusions

The other primary aesthetic factor is diamond clarity, which refers to the absence of blemishes (external characteristics) and inclusions (internal characteristics). Although no diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it comes to being “flawless,” the better its clarity and the more valuable it is.

Diamond appraisers use 10x magnification to observe internal and external characteristics; the more blemishes and inclusions that are observed under 10x magnification, the lower the clarity grade. The GIA Diamond Clarity Scale (the industry-standard for assessing clarity) has 6 categories for a total of 11 specific grades:

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1, VVS2)
  • Very Slight Included (VS1, VS2)
  • Slight Included (SI1, SI2)
  • Included (I1, I2, I3)

Subtle differences in clarity can have a big impact on a diamond’s price, which is why Precious Elements uses state-of-the-art magnification technology to guarantee an accurate clarity appraisal so you can be confident that you are getting top dollar for your valuables.

Cut - Symmetry, Dimensions, and Reflective Qualities

Have you ever wondered why diamonds sparkle? The answer lies in precise artistry and workmanship that determines how it interacts with light. There are many factors that influence how it creates desirable visual effects, including depth, crown height, pavilion angle, crown angle, girdle thickness, and even the quality of polish.

Cuts are graded between Excellent and Poor based on these facets, as well as by studying the visual effects created by the diamond including white light reflected (brightness), the scattering of white light into different colors (fire), and the amount and pattern of sparkle it produces (scintillation).

It is important to note that “cut” is different than “shape.” The shape of a diamond describes its outline or figure, while cut refers to its symmetry, dimensions, and reflective qualities. Although cut is more important in determining price, its shape may also impact value. The main shapes are:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Radiant
  • Pear
  • Asscher
  • Cushion
  • Heart

Why Sell Diamonds to Precious Elements?

With so many "cash for diamond" websites, online buyers, pawn shops, and less-than-reputable diamond buyers where you have the option to sell diamonds, rings, and more, how do you know which shops or online diamond buyers you can trust to provide you with a truly fair price to sell diamond rings, jewelry, or loose diamonds? When you sell your unwanted diamonds, it should not be a difficult or time-consuming experience, and you should feel confident that you are getting the most cash possible. Fortunately, that is why Precious Elements exists: to simplify the selling process and make sure you get every penny your rings, jewelry, or other valuables are worth.

There are three vital reasons why Precious Elements is able to pay more for valuables than any pawn shop or online buyer:

  1. Family-Owned Business

    As a family-run business, we believe in treating every customer with absolute respect, honesty, and integrity, which means we will not offer you a penny less than your valuables are absolutely worth. We don’t believe in “ill-got” gains by taking advantage of customers or providing estimates for less than their valuables are worth. Those are just good old-fashioned family values, and they are what makes the Precious Elements experience different from other buyers.

  2. No Middleman or Hidden Fees

    At Precious Elements, we refurbish and resale jewelry and loose diamonds ourselves, so we are able to offer top dollar quotes because we don’t incur any additional costs to reclaim our investment. This is also why Precious Elements does not charge administrative fees, appraisal fees, or any other hidden charges.

  3. No-Risk, Expert Appraisal

    As outlined above, there are four primary factors used to determine value (the 4Cs) when you sell your diamonds, but within each aspect there are subtle differences that can have a big impact on its worth. By selling to less experienced diamond buyers, you run the risk of selling yourself short if the appraiser mistakenly classifies your item as VS1 rather than a VVS2, for example, or as K-colored instead of I-colored. At Precious Elements, you get a well trained, professional diamond dealer to make accurate valuations, so you can have confidence that you are getting a fair, accurate price for your valuables, nothing less.

We are one of the best and most trusted places you can find online or in person


If you are looking for an online diamond buyer you can trust—and want to receive the highest payout for your engagement sets, earrings, bracelets, and more — consider selling to Precious Elements.

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  1. Contact our diamond buyers.

    The first step to selling your valuables is to start a conversation. Contact Precious Elements online or give us a call to speak with one of our expert diamond buyers. We will also ask you to provide photos to help our experts provide an estimated valuation. If you live in Arizona or Texas, you can bring your ring, necklace, pendant, or loose diamonds to one of our locations in Chandler AZ or Murphy TX for an in-person estimate and cash offer.

  2. Send us your item(s) for a quote.

    The next step is to send us your valuables so our diamond experts can make a final decision on the worth of your item. After we perform a hands-on inspection and evaluation, we will research the market rate on the specifications of your valuables and offer you a fair, cash price for your item.

  3. Receive payment.

    If you accept the offer, you will get paid the same business day via your preferred payment method. If you are not satisfied for any reasons, we will send back your valuables with no shipping cost. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and that means no games or gimmicks when it comes to selling valuables for money.

There is no risk or obligation to receive a free valuation from Precious Elements. If you have any questions or would like to request a free estimate, chat with us online, give us a call, or visit us for an in-person valuation. No more wasting time on a confusing or complicated process to sell diamonds, platinum, gold jewelry, gold coins, luxury watches or any other valuables online; Contact Precious Elements and turn your valuables into cash today!

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